My School – My pride !

If I can think of any landmark that makes Mylapore standout, it certainly will be my school – The Children’s Garden School.

Yesterday was my school’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and how proud was I to attend it and be a part of it !!!

And then I went on a nostalgic journey through the playground, the class rooms, that canteen where we used to eat popsi cola. We even had a huge Water tank, for drinking water – we never carried water bottles to school, and we never felt the need for it.

Even though there has been minor changes here and there, the overall structure remains the same and I walked back in time to enjoy those carefree days of running around wild, standing for prayer, gossiping over lunch, the PT period kho kho and drills, the music and dance room where we practiced for all our Founder’s day programme – OMG !!! Too many things that hit you on that journey back in time, but that made me all smiles.

We even had a fantastic Clinic where doctors attended to you, if you fall sick during school hours. And I remember that they even gave us sanitary pads, if we needed them urgently. To get a sanitary pad, around 25 years back goes on to prove, how caring and forward thinking the school was towards us.

Yes, ours is a Girls school, but we never felt the need for it to be a co-ed school. There are many who might feel that the interaction between both the genders should co-exist in school, for the overall development of the child. Only then the child can lead a happy life later, while working among counterparts of the other sex.

But I can assure you that we imbibed great moral values and life skills in our school, which helped us to face a society confidently and work with the other gender also quite comfortably. Its all in the mind and the attitude – AND WE WERE GROOMED QUITE WELL, at our school !!!

செய்வன திருந்த செய் – (whatever you do, do it really good) was something we learnt, grasped, understood and followed every time and for everything we do !!! And this lesson has enabled many of us to be successful in life, in whatever path we have taken to journey through.

I can remember all my teachers as they made such a profound impression on me !!! But for a teacher to remember you, after seeing new students day in and day out, is a great moment to cherish and hold dear to the heart !! And I felt very loved yesterday, while my teachers fondly remembered me and spoke to me.

I hope you have the time to visit my school page – [Link]

Founded by two great educationists and visionaries, Dr Ellen Sharma and Dr VN Sharma, this school has been the place of quality education for decades now. Started with 7 children, it has grown to a strength of 3000.

This is our school motto – Ain’t it the perfect one ??

Let none be like another

Yet each be like the highest

How can that be?

Let each be perfect in himself


In today’s world, as the colleges keep churning out machine like engineers with no sense of individuality, here is a school which makes a difference by promoting that sense of individuality and perfection in doing things !!! How amazing !!!

And to finish this long homage, I would like to share this school song with you all !!! If you can understand the tamil lyrics, you can greatly relate to the details of my school. Even otherwise, its a soothing melody, worth listening !!!

I am so proud to say that I’ve been a part of this Banyan Tree, which continues to give shade to many many children, making their lives worthwhile !!!

My School


Mahamudra Restaurant

When my friend suggested that we go to Mahamudra Restaurant for lunch, to celebrate friendship day, I was totally game for it.  There was this urge to try some new restaurant and how better can it become when I came to know that this restaurant is run by the IshaLife !!! [Link]

Located among a serene environment, it certainly calms the soul while I enter the place. The sounds of everyday life leave me and the silence engulfs my whole body and soul.

And as we enter the calm and beautifully done restaurant, I feel good.

When the menu card came, I was quite surprised to see the juices card only. When asked, I was told that the juices here are quite famous and healthy too !! And I went through them all and the Lime juice was the least expensive at 100 bucks !!!

The Waiter opened a bottle of mineral water and poured it into two glasses and was waiting for my Juice order. I said “Let me see the Food Menu” !!!

After going through the food menu, I just realised that I had come to the wrong place to celebrate friendship day !!!

But still went ahead and asked,

Whats special today??

He replied “The Thaali” !!

North Indian or South Indian ???

He said quietly, “Rice and Wheat” !!!  That look on his face made me realise that I’ve indeed come into the restaurant without knowing the details.

“Rice thaali consists of Kanji (Porridge), Keerai (Greens like spinach), rice upma, rice pulav, rice roti”

“While the wheat thaali consists of the same items, except that they are made of wheat or wheat rava”

I stared at my friend for suggesting this restaurant to me !!!

Then we thought we’ll at least have a dosa !! And the masala dosa is the only option available at 150/-

That is the time, I decided that this is not the place for me, as I make my kanji, dosa, upma and all at home, according to my taste buds. I certainly didn’t go to eat them in any restaurant !!! Or probably my conceptions of a restaurant on that day was different than this !!

But I found a lot of elderly people coming there to eat !!! And I can say that this is a great place for people to eat healthy food like porridge, greens, healthy rotis made of ragi, maize and other grains !! People with health issues but wanting to eat out, can head over to Mahamudra, straight and eat whatever they offer, as its truly prepared keeping the health interests in mind.

I wanted a spicy Paneer tikka, an all the more spicy briyani and some great ice-cream to go with it !!! So, we headed to Cream Centre 🙂



Kalikambal Koil

While reading the book Tamarind City, the historical North Chennai caught me by surprise, as I’ve never ventured much in those parts of the city.

Intrigued by the author of the book about the amazing history of Chennai, I ventured out to visit the Kalikambal Koil located on the quite narrow Thambu Chetty Street in George Town. Its quite nearby to both the MRTS Beach Station and to the Broadway Bus Terminus.

This Kalikambal Koil is dedicated to Goddess Kalikambal (Kamakshi) and Lord Kamateswarar.  The idol used to be a fierce form of the Goddess, which was replaced by a more calm posture later.

Kalikambal temple

I bought some Lotus flowers and entered the temple and went to stand before the deity. Surprise of surprise, I was requested kindly to sit and worship. There are no pushing queues nor the railings to obstruct your view. People sit in batches in front of the Goddess, do their archanas or prayers and then give way to the next batch of people, who are waiting patiently. This is amazing !!! The darshan being so quiet and tranquil that I even thought that the Goddess was listening to my prayers.

When I came out, I went in search of that plaque mentioned in the book and there it is…its quite amazing to see a picture of Chatrapati Shivaji on a horse and plaque which reads :

On this day of 3rd October 1677 Chatrapathi Sivaji Maharaj visited this shrine and worshipped Sri Kalikambal

Isn’t this amazing ??? A temple so old and history that runs through every part of it.

This temple was much near the sea shore and was relocated to the present site in 1640 AD.

A 17th century temple amazed me with its simplicity and heritage, which is a must visit place for anyone who embraces history !!!


Pictures : Google courtesy

Saibaba Temple @ Velachery

This lovely temple located outside a small primary school, is the refuge for many a parents, teachers and students !!! Of course, the people who throng here on Thursdays and Fridays for bhajans, will tell us about the heart-warming Saibaba’s idol gracing everyone.

There’s a neem tree in the open yard of this house, which is also the school. Few years back, somebody came and visited them and pronounced that a Temple will come underneath the tree.

After that a Saibaba devotee visited them and said this place is so auspicious for a Saibaba temple, as He always sat under a neem tree. He went off to Jaipur and arranged for the idol to be made and shipped to this school.

As things happened without any part of their own, this couple considered it as a divine blessing. They constructed the mandap and installed the idol.

The bhajans on Thursdays and Fridays are a soul soothing experience.

This temple is situated inside the premises of Murphy’s Primary School in Vijaynagar 3rd Main Road in Velachery.

Shirdi Selva Sai Temple

This temple is situated opposite to Mohd Sathak College on the Perumbakkam-Shollinganallur Road. A serene place where one can forget the outer world and its associated turbulances and by meditating inside in the meditation hall helps to calm the mind and make peace with the soul.

This is the image of Sai Baba, present as the presiding God inside the temple, where we cannot go and touch him.

But seen below is the Baba at the Dwarkamai, where one can hug, embrace, fall at his feet and console oneself and the problems. Here is the mother to all the children.

There is Lord Ganesha at the entrance. A coconut with the husk is considered auspicious. Get a coconut blessed from the pujari, pray, go around the Ganesha, Sai Baba and the Dhuni at the Dwarakamai 3 times and put the coconut in the dhuni.

When the desired prayer gets fulfilled, people thank Baba by doing 101 pradakshinams in the Dwarakamai.

This temple has been constructed and maintained by Mr. Sai Suresh. He built this temple as he got a vision from Baba to build a temple. All along the construction, he has faced many difficulties but all those got solved with the grace of Sai baba. The kumbabhishekam of this temple was conducted on a grand scale on 8th Feb, 2009.

Annadanam on Thursday, Pournami puja for Baba in the evening are special at this temple.


A wonderful drive through the tree-lined East Coast Road, that extends parallel to the Bay of Bengal, will take us to the beautiful back waters near Chennai – MUTTUKADU.

Located at 23 km from Adayar, this backwater area is maintained by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, and offers rowing, wind surfing, water skiing, and speedboat riding.

But we opted for the Motor Boat and truly enjoyed it.

The sun glistening on the waters.

The view from the boat

You can see those birds at the far end of the water….

Its hardly an hour’s drive from Adayar and is a must see for one and all. Boats can be rented on an hourly basis and its total fun outing with family.

So, what are you waiting for ???? Aren’t you planning a Muttukadu trip, this weekend ???

Mansukh’s T.Nagar

Today afternoon lunch was one of the best in my whole life. HHmmmm…..WOW !!! I was bowled over by one awesome Gujarathi Thali and My God, my tummy is so khush with it, that it makes me smile without no reason. Its 6pm in the evening and the happiness of a good lunch, is still giving me happy burps…. 😉

The Mansukh’s Sweets and Snacks at T.Nagar in Chennai, is a great place for fantastic Gujarathi / Rajasthani thali and authentic Gujarathi and Rajasthani sweets and savouries.

I don’t know how we landed there, but glad that we landed there. 🙂

Sunday Special Thali consists of Jaljira, Dhokla as appetizers. Then the thali plate consists of aloo subzi, paneer subzi, dhal makhani, sweet dhal and a sweet kadhi. Unlimited rotis and puris, steamed rice and curd rice too. Chum chum and jilebi were the sweets for the day. Yummmy, I tell you. 😛

The subzis and the sweets keep changing everyday, giving variety to the people who flock there for the gastronomical wonder called food.

Even though the ambience cannot match with the 5-Star hotels, its good enough for those people, who love their food.

What else, we packed some awesome Mal powa from the sweet stall down stairs, to be gobbled up later.

So, Chennai people, go ahead, have good food at Mansukh’s where the tummy is also sukh. 🙂