Shopping & Eating

Suddenly, I had all the time in the world, with my girls finishing the annual exams. They have a short two-week break and then new classes begin by monday. So, what best to do, when 3 naughty girls team up ????? 😉  Yes, indeed lots of shopping and eating.

I enjoyed shopping in and around Mylapore and Luz, the places close to my heart. Even though I stay so much farther now, I made my way to Mylapore, just to feel the vibes – whether they were the same as I remember.   And yes, it was fantastic to be among the hustle and bustle of Mylapore. And what an awesome bajji shop, bang opposite to Rasi Silks. We had masala vadai, aloo bajji, onion bajji to our heart’s content, finishing off dinner by 6pm. It was amazing !!!

Another day, S took us all to Kabul Restaurant, in Alwarpet.  Kabul is one of our favourite restaurants, for a long time. And this time, when we went with girls, it was even more fun and the food was delicious. The Kababs were damn good, tender and juicy and greatly flavoured. WOW !!! Makes me yearn for that taste, again and again.

Have anyone of you been to Snofield, the ice-cream shop, just at the corner of TTK Road / opposite to Music Academy ????? If ice-cream can be made even more delicious, it’s here. They make the best sundaes and have the bestest combos. The girls were super thrilled to visit places, where I’ve been while young.

Also, the recently opened Reliance Trends, near AVM Rajeshwari Mandapam, is damn neat with fantastic choices and varieties. Inaugural Sale is going on.  Loved the new kurta cum top, which I got there.

Enjoying Chennai !!!! 🙂


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