Kalikambal Koil

While reading the book Tamarind City, the historical North Chennai caught me by surprise, as I’ve never ventured much in those parts of the city.

Intrigued by the author of the book about the amazing history of Chennai, I ventured out to visit the Kalikambal Koil located on the quite narrow Thambu Chetty Street in George Town. Its quite nearby to both the MRTS Beach Station and to the Broadway Bus Terminus.

This Kalikambal Koil is dedicated to Goddess Kalikambal (Kamakshi) and Lord Kamateswarar.  The idol used to be a fierce form of the Goddess, which was replaced by a more calm posture later.

Kalikambal temple

I bought some Lotus flowers and entered the temple and went to stand before the deity. Surprise of surprise, I was requested kindly to sit and worship. There are no pushing queues nor the railings to obstruct your view. People sit in batches in front of the Goddess, do their archanas or prayers and then give way to the next batch of people, who are waiting patiently. This is amazing !!! The darshan being so quiet and tranquil that I even thought that the Goddess was listening to my prayers.

When I came out, I went in search of that plaque mentioned in the book and there it is…its quite amazing to see a picture of Chatrapati Shivaji on a horse and plaque which reads :

On this day of 3rd October 1677 Chatrapathi Sivaji Maharaj visited this shrine and worshipped Sri Kalikambal

Isn’t this amazing ??? A temple so old and history that runs through every part of it.

This temple was much near the sea shore and was relocated to the present site in 1640 AD.

A 17th century temple amazed me with its simplicity and heritage, which is a must visit place for anyone who embraces history !!!


Pictures : Google courtesy


4 thoughts on “Kalikambal Koil

  1. This temple and the goddess there was the ‘shakti’ adored by subramanya bharati-‘Yaathumaagi nindraai Kaali, engum Nee nirainthai’

  2. Isn’t it amazing that each of our cities, towns and villages have something amazing in most of its streets and lanes? And we live there for years and know next to nothing about it!

    • Absolutely Bindu…if we just look around the history of places around us, we are sure to find a treasure trove that is quite amazing 🙂

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