Dear friends

This blog is a tribute to the city of my residence – Chennai and reflects the multi-faceted flavours of the city, through my eyes.

Since the process is quite big and needs a lot of effort, I’ve requested my fellow Chennai bloggers, to contribute posts towards the same.

Enjoy the colours of Chennai and visit the city soon.

I blog at http://umsreflections.wordpress.com. You can reach me there.

Or mail me at umaschennai@gmail.com.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Uma… Your blog is absolutely a delight to read… am your namesake and just when i was browsing the net for something else n happened to stumble up on your blog… & am glad that i did… I always envy people who can meanfingfully articulate even the smallest things in life… Keep it going. Cheers 🙂 Uma Srinivasan (chennai)

    • Geez !!! This is the first time, I am coming across a person with the surname too !!!! WOW !!! What a coincidence !!! 🙂

      Welcome here, Uma !!! Hope to see more of you, here !!! 🙂

      And Thank you very much !!! 🙂

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