My School – My pride !

If I can think of any landmark that makes Mylapore standout, it certainly will be my school – The Children’s Garden School.

Yesterday was my school’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations and how proud was I to attend it and be a part of it !!!

And then I went on a nostalgic journey through the playground, the class rooms, that canteen where we used to eat popsi cola. We even had a huge Water tank, for drinking water – we never carried water bottles to school, and we never felt the need for it.

Even though there has been minor changes here and there, the overall structure remains the same and I walked back in time to enjoy those carefree days of running around wild, standing for prayer, gossiping over lunch, the PT period kho kho and drills, the music and dance room where we practiced for all our Founder’s day programme – OMG !!! Too many things that hit you on that journey back in time, but that made me all smiles.

We even had a fantastic Clinic where doctors attended to you, if you fall sick during school hours. And I remember that they even gave us sanitary pads, if we needed them urgently. To get a sanitary pad, around 25 years back goes on to prove, how caring and forward thinking the school was towards us.

Yes, ours is a Girls school, but we never felt the need for it to be a co-ed school. There are many who might feel that the interaction between both the genders should co-exist in school, for the overall development of the child. Only then the child can lead a happy life later, while working among counterparts of the other sex.

But I can assure you that we imbibed great moral values and life skills in our school, which helped us to face a society confidently and work with the other gender also quite comfortably. Its all in the mind and the attitude – AND WE WERE GROOMED QUITE WELL, at our school !!!

செய்வன திருந்த செய் – (whatever you do, do it really good) was something we learnt, grasped, understood and followed every time and for everything we do !!! And this lesson has enabled many of us to be successful in life, in whatever path we have taken to journey through.

I can remember all my teachers as they made such a profound impression on me !!! But for a teacher to remember you, after seeing new students day in and day out, is a great moment to cherish and hold dear to the heart !! And I felt very loved yesterday, while my teachers fondly remembered me and spoke to me.

I hope you have the time to visit my school page – [Link]

Founded by two great educationists and visionaries, Dr Ellen Sharma and Dr VN Sharma, this school has been the place of quality education for decades now. Started with 7 children, it has grown to a strength of 3000.

This is our school motto – Ain’t it the perfect one ??

Let none be like another

Yet each be like the highest

How can that be?

Let each be perfect in himself


In today’s world, as the colleges keep churning out machine like engineers with no sense of individuality, here is a school which makes a difference by promoting that sense of individuality and perfection in doing things !!! How amazing !!!

And to finish this long homage, I would like to share this school song with you all !!! If you can understand the tamil lyrics, you can greatly relate to the details of my school. Even otherwise, its a soothing melody, worth listening !!!

I am so proud to say that I’ve been a part of this Banyan Tree, which continues to give shade to many many children, making their lives worthwhile !!!

My School