Mansukh’s T.Nagar

Today afternoon lunch was one of the best in my whole life. HHmmmm…..WOW !!! I was bowled over by one awesome Gujarathi Thali and My God, my tummy is so khush with it, that it makes me smile without no reason. Its 6pm in the evening and the happiness of a good lunch, is still giving me happy burps…. 😉

The Mansukh’s Sweets and Snacks at T.Nagar in Chennai, is a great place for fantastic Gujarathi / Rajasthani thali and authentic Gujarathi and Rajasthani sweets and savouries.

I don’t know how we landed there, but glad that we landed there. 🙂

Sunday Special Thali consists of Jaljira, Dhokla as appetizers. Then the thali plate consists of aloo subzi, paneer subzi, dhal makhani, sweet dhal and a sweet kadhi. Unlimited rotis and puris, steamed rice and curd rice too. Chum chum and jilebi were the sweets for the day. Yummmy, I tell you. 😛

The subzis and the sweets keep changing everyday, giving variety to the people who flock there for the gastronomical wonder called food.

Even though the ambience cannot match with the 5-Star hotels, its good enough for those people, who love their food.

What else, we packed some awesome Mal powa from the sweet stall down stairs, to be gobbled up later.

So, Chennai people, go ahead, have good food at Mansukh’s where the tummy is also sukh. 🙂