AAVIN Paal Khoa

We have a tradition in our family.  Anything new, we begin with something in white colour, which represents purity of thought and heart.  Generally it is coconut or milk.

So, here I am, writing my first post on Chennai through my eyes and what more better thing to write than about the lifeline of Chennai – AAVIN MILK.

If any resident of Chennai is asked which milk do you use at home, you can expect a unianimous answer – AAVIN.

Actually my generation of people, have grown on this AAVIN milk.  Even though so many other brands of milk are available in the market today, there are loyalists of AAVIN all over Chennai.

And all the other AAVIN products too are delicious and yummy.

One such thing is the paal khoa (Milk in tamil is paal).  Me and my girls just hog on it, whenever we get the chance.  And yesterday happened to be one such day. We, three girls, were strolling on the main road near my home, trying to find some good hair bands.  Nope.   🙄   Nothing to satisfy our needs.

But, all of us suddenly saw this AAVIN parlour and shouted in chorus – “AAVIN” !!!!!  We just ran towards the parlour and look at our luck – only one ¼Kg box was available. And before anyone could lay their hands on it, we grabbed it and paid and came home.

We couldnt wait to open it and the moment the box was opened, we all gobbled up the entire khoa in just a matter of minutes.

So, delicious is this AAVIN paal khoa, that it melts in the mouth. The taste is so superb.

I’ve always wondered how do they make this wonderful stuff.  When I make khoa at home, it never turns out like this.

Anyway, three cheers to AAVIN PAAL KHOA !!!! 😆 😛 😀 🙂