Mahamudra Restaurant

When my friend suggested that we go to Mahamudra Restaurant for lunch, to celebrate friendship day, I was totally game for it.  There was this urge to try some new restaurant and how better can it become when I came to know that this restaurant is run by the IshaLife !!! [Link]

Located among a serene environment, it certainly calms the soul while I enter the place. The sounds of everyday life leave me and the silence engulfs my whole body and soul.

And as we enter the calm and beautifully done restaurant, I feel good.

When the menu card came, I was quite surprised to see the juices card only. When asked, I was told that the juices here are quite famous and healthy too !! And I went through them all and the Lime juice was the least expensive at 100 bucks !!!

The Waiter opened a bottle of mineral water and poured it into two glasses and was waiting for my Juice order. I said “Let me see the Food Menu” !!!

After going through the food menu, I just realised that I had come to the wrong place to celebrate friendship day !!!

But still went ahead and asked,

Whats special today??

He replied “The Thaali” !!

North Indian or South Indian ???

He said quietly, “Rice and Wheat” !!!  That look on his face made me realise that I’ve indeed come into the restaurant without knowing the details.

“Rice thaali consists of Kanji (Porridge), Keerai (Greens like spinach), rice upma, rice pulav, rice roti”

“While the wheat thaali consists of the same items, except that they are made of wheat or wheat rava”

I stared at my friend for suggesting this restaurant to me !!!

Then we thought we’ll at least have a dosa !! And the masala dosa is the only option available at 150/-

That is the time, I decided that this is not the place for me, as I make my kanji, dosa, upma and all at home, according to my taste buds. I certainly didn’t go to eat them in any restaurant !!! Or probably my conceptions of a restaurant on that day was different than this !!

But I found a lot of elderly people coming there to eat !!! And I can say that this is a great place for people to eat healthy food like porridge, greens, healthy rotis made of ragi, maize and other grains !! People with health issues but wanting to eat out, can head over to Mahamudra, straight and eat whatever they offer, as its truly prepared keeping the health interests in mind.

I wanted a spicy Paneer tikka, an all the more spicy briyani and some great ice-cream to go with it !!! So, we headed to Cream Centre 🙂