Big Screen – 1

In the endeavour to discover Chennai and its flavours, I requested a few of my fellow Chennai bloggers to write a guest post about this wonderful city in which we live in. And so, here it goes, the first guest post.


Guest Post by Kanagu

Before the Millenium it was Devi and after that it was Satyam.

Wondering what I am talking about?? It’s about the best theatres in Chennai. Ask anybody in Chennai, the answer will be unanimous. I have a great love for theatres and want to visit some theatre in every city to see how they are. But the only time I have refrained from this is, when I was in Bangalore. Because they are more expensive – around Rs200/-.  I don’t think the ordinary screen deserves such a price. Moreover Chennai itself has a long list of theatres from the old ones like Agasthiya, Devi, Casino, Pilot to new blocks like Sathyam, Sangam, Udhayam and Abhirami. The ones I have listed are very few. So now I can get into the best and worst theatres in Chennai and the reasons for the same.
                                                       When the multiplex culture boomed, they are the ones who cashed in on that and are reaping great benefits. But there was a lot of efforts behind its architecture and design. Previously, it had one of the complex structure and I found it extremely difficult in finding my way out from it when I went to watch the film ‘Mudhalvan’ in 1999. But they have made it so well now, that you will never get lost and have 6 great screens. You will feel like you are in a different world when you are in it. My words may seem to be exaggerated but its best to ask anybody who has seen a film there recently. My brother is an ardent fan of Sathyam Cinemas and he will watch a few selective films only at Satyam.
I always like to say that, watching a film in Sathyam is an experience because such is their interiors, looks, and the seats. The organized parking lots, those helpful securities and never can you see, any of their employees behaving rudely. They are always very patient and help us to find our way. For the family, it’s the best place to watch a film.
After saying all those, I haven’t said about the important aspect of a theatre yet i.e. screens. With RDX (Real Digital Experience) installed in each screens now, the movie watching experience is awesome. They have 6 screens but I am that kind of a guy, who loves to watch a film along with 1000+ people. So I always book the ticket only when it is screened in the main screen. Recently, I watched ‘Inglourious Basterds’ in one of their smaller screens and I am totally impressed, there too. The tickets are little costly but its worth it.

Some news I have heard about Sathyam:

When some problems occur with projection:
·         Firstly there will be an apology. If it doesn’t gets resolved within 5 minutes Coke and puffs will be provided for free. A lady, who is in-charge of that, comes to resolve the problem.
·         If it doesn’t gets resolved even after 15 minutes, again coke and snacks will be provided and if you wish, you can walk out. At the counter, your whole ticket amount will be reimbursed.
·         And this is what impressed me the most. And in the parking lot, they will ask you from which show you are returning. If you say that show which got interrupted your parking charge too will be returned.
Another trivia:
   The theatre was about to be sold in 1996 and a mall was to be coming up there. But before that deal saw the light, the Sathyam theatre owner was killed and his sons took over the theatre, made all the changes to the theatre in accordance with the urban life style and now everything is for everyone to see.
So when you are in Chennai and you want to spend some boring 3 hours then I will say, you must spend it watching a movie of your choice in Sathyam theatre. According to me, its one of the destinations of Chennai along with Marina beach, Santhome Church, Kabalishwarar temple, St.George’s fort and some other.
To be continued…..