The Beach


This is my favourite place in the whole City of Chennai. The BEACH !!!!

It’s the pride of Chennai and the stress buster of Chennaittes !!!!

Whether it’s the sunrise or the sunset, there is no better place to be, in Chennai.

Even during the hot afternoons, you can see people trying to catch the gentle breeze, which is sure to carry away your worries.



While I was a young girl, I’ve enjoyed many a moments, walking barefoot on the gentle, soft sand, thats sure a pedicure for your feet.

The waves that caress your feet and say that I am with you, is an awesome great feeling. You never will feel like going back home.

The abandon with which we ran around in the beach, rolled on the sand are such wonderful times from my childhood.


I took my daughters to the beach, to enjoy the sand and waves the same way I had enjoyed them while being young. They were thrilled to bits.


The view of the horizon, the ships that sail through, the catamarans venturing out to catch fish, the moon on our back – it’s a wonderful setting from heaven.

The best thing in Chennai beach is the delicacy called SUNDAL – which is dried green peas sprouted and cooked and mixed with coconut, mango, chillies – WOW, that has to be tasted to believe the taste.  You can never get something like that anywhere.


The Beach has got a charm

Which holds onto your heart

Makes you yearn for more lovely moments

Which stays in your heart forever.

The gentle breeze stimulates you

The waves caress you

The people are enjoying with you

And you feel you are in heaven forever.