Big Screen – 2

Guest post by Kanagu.

Before going to the next set of theatres let us see what makes watching a film in theatre special.
·         The recently released film 2012 is meant to be seen in theatres. The visuals won’t fascinate you, if you watch it on TV. Those Tsunami’s, Tremors, and those huge spaceship won’t make you go awe on it.
·         There is another category of films which can be enjoyed in both in TV and theatre. But there is a crowd factor which boosts up those films. They are the mass-hero’s ultimate action films. For example, if we take Rajinikath starrer Baadsha, it packs the punch even if I see it in TV. But just imagine the effect those movies have on the crowd. Those ppl in the theatre would have gone crazy when that flashback scene opens and the black-white screen turns into colour or for the punch dialogue which the superstar utters.
·         Another genre of films which we must see in theatre is the Thriller ones. The people surrounding us may scream at times, which will double up the fear factor. And another thing – however good our acoustic system is in our homes (did we ever thought about that? 😉 ) may be, it won’t match the theatre environment.
All the other films we can see aram-se at our own comfort in home. They won’t make much of a difference.
Let’s move around to the other theatres:
All the theatres in Chennai have been renovated except for a very few, to cash in on the multiplex audiences. Of them I am going to tell which are the best and worst in mid-range category.
Of the mid-range theatres in Chennai, I always prefer Sangam main screen. First time when I went there to watch a film I am awestruck by its screen quality. Its crystal clear and the interiors are so good. Still they are maintaining it. And the best seats to see the film in Sangam theatre is 75 rupees in balcony. Just get a ticket in C or D row(in middle) in corporate class, the view will be wonderful.
The only one bad thing about this theatre is, they can’t give the same quality in other screens. They are just awful. No proper seating arrangements and the sound quality will be really poor. It will be a waste of money.
Another theatre, in which, the main screen is too good and the price is reasonable. But their drawback is, they are still having that age-old system of ticket booking – standing in the queue. Their small screens are not that bad. We can expect a decent quality there. This theatre is really worth a visit.
One of the very few theatres in Chennai which has single screen. It’s a real big one and also have a good sound effect. But unfortunately, all the films I have watched in this theatre are dumb ones.
Of all the theatres in Chennai, the theatre in which I hate watching a film is Abirami mega mall. They have all the show-offs to attract the crowds like restaurants, snow world and other things but when it comes to theatre quality, they are really, really poor. Even the main screen is not a worthy one to watch a film.
Next one will be the last part in this series.