Saibaba Temple @ Velachery

This lovely temple located outside a small primary school, is the refuge for many a parents, teachers and students !!! Of course, the people who throng here on Thursdays and Fridays for bhajans, will tell us about the heart-warming Saibaba’s idol gracing everyone.

There’s a neem tree in the open yard of this house, which is also the school. Few years back, somebody came and visited them and pronounced that a Temple will come underneath the tree.

After that a Saibaba devotee visited them and said this place is so auspicious for a Saibaba temple, as He always sat under a neem tree. He went off to Jaipur and arranged for the idol to be made and shipped to this school.

As things happened without any part of their own, this couple considered it as a divine blessing. They constructed the mandap and installed the idol.

The bhajans on Thursdays and Fridays are a soul soothing experience.

This temple is situated inside the premises of Murphy’s Primary School in Vijaynagar 3rd Main Road in Velachery.